Eighth Grade 2022 Creative Writing

“I Am From”

Kathleen McInnis, Class of 2026

I am from matching dresses with my cousins every Easter.
From hand-me downs passed from generation to generation
and everyone has to learn how to play basketball.
I am from everyday is a beach day southern California
Hot sand that burns your feet and sunsets that deserve a picture.
It sounds like my dad playing piano and my mom singing along to Jackson Browne on the Alexa.

I am from Jack’s luscious garden in wooden boxes
the edible flowers decorating our plates
and the bright red tomatoes that spread their vines over the edge of the box.
I am from birthday buddies with Ryan
and everyone gets a hug whether you want one or not.
From Patricia and Terrence
and Aunt Kathy from whom I get my name.
I am from the simple things into competitions
and always laughing until you cry.
From “We will always support you” and
“Don’t be a Debbie Downer”.

I’m from altar serving with my friends
and always volunteering to bring up the gifts.
I am from California and Ireland
Grandma Georgia’s special Irish soda bread that is always served with Irish butter and
gooey marshmallows on sweet potatoes.
From the Reillys taking a boat from Ireland to America
and the Melicans with their New York accents.
I am from always being called the wrong name.
The second child in the family.
The youngest on my dad’s side and the third youngest on my mom’s.
I am from everyone all rolled into one.